FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 1, 2022 – Hampton Family Forests has installed a network of zipline cables across its forestland outside of Tillamook, OR to help its foresters move across the landscape more efficiently.

Foresters typically traverse hundreds of miles of logging roads weekly to check on trees and monitor harvesting and replanting operations.  Much of Hampton’s forestland in NW Oregon is high in the coast range. Elevations range from 200-3,700 feet, which creates favorable conditions for zipline travel.

“It’s great,” says Kevin, a silviculture forester with the company. “Just make sure everything you need to take with you is strapped down good and tight.”  Since the zipline was installed, Hampton foresters have reported the loss of four smart phones, two sets of keys, and a boot.  

While the system adheres to the highest safety standards, according to a Hampton spokesperson, there are a few kinks still to work out.  Good communication among all those working in the woods appears to be key, something Hampton learned after a logging crew, hearing shrill screams in the canopy above, called the county sheriff and animal services.  “I’ve been working in the woods for nearly 30 years,” said Kent, a feller operator with the Tillamook-based logging operation. “I’ve never heard anything like it. It sent chills up my spine,” he admits.

Overall, Hampton has been pleased with the new zipline system and after some additional testing, hopes to deploy similar infrastructure at other locations, including sawmills and log yards. In the meantime, Hampton would like to wish everyone a safe and happy April Fools’ Day.