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Diversity & inclusion

Finding a Better Way Every Day.

Hampton’s Diversity & Inclusion Team launched in September 2020 in the wake of social justice protests around the nation. This group is dedicated to advancing equality, equity, and anti-discrimination in our company, industry, and community. We envision a world where all people share equally in resources, opportunities, and protections. 

Affordable Housing

Building Stronger Communities

We’re in the wood business so of course, we’re interested in housing. But our interest runs deeper than lumber sales. Many of our urban and rural communities are suffering from a lack of affordable housing—a situation that hinders economic growth and makes it difficult for businesses to attract and retain employees. It’s also hard on workers who too often have to commute long distances. Hampton is a long-time supporter of Habitat for Humanity in the Pacific Northwest, having supported the organization and local families through volunteer time and lumber donations. But more is needed to address this complex challenge. Hampton is committed to working with community leaders to try to find public-private solutions to our housing shortages.
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Teachers with students

Youth & Education

Helping Young People Succeed.

In order to thrive in school, kids need to be safe and healthy. Hampton is a proud supporter of the Oregon Food Bank and the Adopt-a-Family program. We also encourage and enable our employees to engage with local sports clubs to provide kids with opportunities to get outside and build skills in teamwork and cooperation. As local company, we believe we have an important role to play in ensuring our young people have skills and training they need to succeed in life. As such we work closely with local schools and community colleges throughout the Pacific Northwest to enhance workforce training opportunities and our employees often volunteer their time and expertise at local schools, serving as mentors and trainers.

The Arts

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation.

A passion for the arts is deeply ingrained in Hampton company culture. John and Carol Hampton were life-long patrons of the arts and their son, Jamey is an accomplished choreographer, dancer, and co-founder of the modern dance company, BodyVox. At Hampton, we continue to advocate for the arts in schools and in rural and urban communities. The arts contribute to the vitality and livability of our communities but we also believe the arts provide important opportunities to enhance student creativity and “out of the box” thinking—skills that will help young people thrive in the modern economy and spur innovation.
Art by Carol Hampton