The new Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) website IS where “amazing grows…”

I am following in our Timberlands Manager, Dennis Creel’s footsteps and currently serving on the OFRI Board of Directors.

OFRI is state-governed agency, but funded from harvest tax that the forest products industry pays. I’m proud to be part of something that takes science-based facts and provides an easily accessible format for the public to come to their own conclusion about forest management.

OFRI is a welcome contrast and a voice of reason vs. the scare tactics the radical environmentalists use to deflect the public’s attention from solid sustainable timber harvest.

OFRI’s new website is creative and exciting. Its snappy new face offers broad balanced content on forestry topics that appeal to everyone, including non-forestry people: clean water, minimizing fire risks, and responsible forest management. There is information about classroom programs, tours, and speaker resources.

OFRI’s “Ask a forester…”provides FAQs about forests, but also is a direct link to pose a specific question that a “real forester” will answer… when he or she gets back from the forest.

The new web site features information on where to “get outside” to camp and hike or take an excursion into an old growth forest… acknowledging the best way to discover the beauty and abundance of Oregon’s forests is in person… get out there.

Also, if you enjoy the outdoors and excel in the sciences, math, engineering or business, the OFRI site shows you where you might have a calling for a forestry career… not just out in the woods, but in one of today’s high-tech forest sector labs, research center or corner office.

OFRI’s learning resources are amazing… go take a look!

Steve Zika
CEO, Hampton Lumber